What’s your take!

सुलह भी नहीं करनी हल मसला भी नहीं करना
तुम्हें नफ़रत नहीं करनी हमें इश्क़ नहीं करना

ये पोस्ट औरों को भेजिए -

2 thoughts on “What’s your take!”

  1. Hi!
    You’re an amazing writer. I have been following your blog.. Been a long time since you wrote again! Its nice to see you back writing. I am an amateur writer too (Actually still a student, aspiring to be a writer). I know you’re a busy person & you probably barely have the time for yourself, but it’d be really really great if you could just give me some valuable feedback on my piece of work. Do drop in a mail to me if you ever find the time to read this comment and wish to read my not-so-amazing-yet-mehnat se likhi hui kuch kuch cheezein.
    – Just another fan maybe!

    • Hi Tanya,
      I’m just overwhelmed by your comment and compliment. Thank you for taking time to read Nazmalay and I apologize for replying you almost after 8 Days. A little advice I’m giving you here is, never say that you are an amateur writer. The day you start writing you become a writer, motives could be different. Few write because they feel peace while they write, few write because they are good at it and few write because they think it can be a good profession. When you write for yourself but wanted to world read it aloud then only you’ll be needing a feedback from your readers. And trust me, when you publish your work on any platform you’ll get it whether you want it or not. So if you have already chosen your motive I would love to hear that and will also be looking forward to read your piece of work. Check your mail in a bit. And thank you once again for visiting Nazmalay.

      Chakresh Surya


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